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Blackroll® Duoball 08


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Spot massage for neck, back & shoulders

The BlackRoll® Duoball 08 is the perfect massage tool when it comes to self-sucking back. Due to the combination of two massage balls, the Blackroll® Duoball 08 is very suitable for a massage of the parallel back muscles. Due to the space between the two balls, they move right next to the spine and the spine vertils are saved with the Duoball 08 during a massage.

Due to the size and shape of the Duoball 08 you can also use it well for a massage of the shin legs, arms and shoulders. Bumpy structures are not affected.

Fascia massage desire De Nek

Neck pain is a common complaint. In the neck there are also 'hotspots,' that trigger headache, migraine, dizziness and visual malfunctions. These hotspots are often caused by fascia structures and tense muscles in the neck.

Because the neck muscles are very sensitive, it also needs a small massage ball - the Blackroll® Duoball 08. Self-massage with the Blackroll® Duoball 08 saves the neck vertebrae so that the fascia massage does not cause extra pain.


Duoball 08 & 12: The perfect combination

We ask many of our back and neck muscles every day. Not only when sitting and standing, but also during lifting and wearing, these muscle groups are hard to work hard. It is therefore not strange that neck pain occurs much.

Combine the Blackroll® Duoball 08 and the Blackroll® Duoball 12 for an ideal self massage of the back and neck muscles. In this way, parallel muscle strands of the neck and upper rug vertils are achieved and painful hotspots treated.

Fascia training with the Blackroll® Duoball 08

The Duoball 08 from Blackroll® was actually developed for the mobilization and regeneration of the parallel back muscles. With the exercises, one improves not only the blood flow and flexibility of the muscles - you can also loosen effective tensions and hotspots. Due to slow and uniform movements, you can affix the cozy back muscles with the ball, where you can use Deblackroll® Duoball 08 also for the Behandlung of the shoulders, achilles pes, shin legs, calves, upper and lower arms. Defascia training is more than a simple massage. The self-treatment with the Duoball 08 from Blackroll® is comparable to an intensive sports massage, which appeals the superficial and the deeper muscles. The Fascia Training is certainly not static. When you move, the recovery effect can even be strengthened. The exercises are executed or on a wall or on the floor. By using arms and legs, the pressure on the massaged area can be removed less or precisely. Once you have found a hotspot, it is important to massage this pain a little longer. In combination with the Duoball 12, the muscles then release and wonderfully soft.

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