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Blackroll® Booster Set Slim


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Booster with slim fascierol in a set

The booster set Slim is the perfect combination of fascia training and massage to strengthen the deep muscles with eccentric vibrations and to loosen tensions. Due to the oscillating tril core and the simple operation, the electric fascia roll offers numerous application possibilities. Even professional athletes and sports doctors are enthusiastic about the versatile use of the Massageroller.

This innovative device, which works in a frequency range from 12 to 56 HERTZ, is not only suitable for loosening tense muscles, but also for strengthening deep muscles. You can do your fascia training as usual while enjoying the stimulating effect of a massage vibration.

This not only prevents tensions - you can also treat them effectively. The great thing is: You cannot only use the electric fascia roller for a large-scale vibration massage, but also for a selective trigger point treatment and thus targeted pain.


Can be used versatile thanks to pressure and vibration massage

Thanks to the perfect combination of pressure and vibration you can use the booster set smart both to prevent tensions and to treat them. This way you can effectively treat main, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain. The tril core is in principle suitable for various fascia rollers with different hardness levels. While light vibrations in the low frequency range serve for faster regeneration, higher frequencies can activate the muscles.

Just go with your thigh, back or calf on the massager roller. Then slowly move your body back and forth, where you treat certain pain points a little longer. In parentheses: the booster is also suitable for transverse massage to release painful adhesions and to stimulate blood circulation in the tissue.


Booster set Smart as the effective training agent

When you buy the booster set Slim, you will not only get a versatile massager roller with eccentric vibrations - you can also rejoice on an effective training instrument. It mainly works on the smaller, deeper muscles that are difficult to reach with conventional training. During your workout you can also use the booster as a stand-alone training device in your hands. The most popular exercises include the Squat and the lunge to strengthen the legs and buttocks. With the BlackRoll® Booster you get the perfect training and massage device in-house, with which you can enhance your muscles and treat painful tensions effectively.

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