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BLACKROLL® Booster Head Box


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SLIM Fascia Roller BOOSTER & Massage Attachments in a set

The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER HEAD BOX is to help alleviate the perfect combination of massage and vibration to muscle tension and stubborn adhesions of the fascia. The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER HEAD BOX is suitable for private as for therapeutic use because it offers several features.

The central tool is the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER, you can not only be used as an additional tool for the sleek fascia roller, but also in combination with different attachments to achieve a higher massage effect.

The BOOSTER HEAD BOX is not only the most effective but also one of the most popular BLACKROLL® products. The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER BOX HEAD three innovative tools that can be combined as desired to enhance the massage effect.

Included in the package is the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER - infinitely adjustable vibration device you individually and can be used with the slim fascia roller SLIM. By itself, the sleek fascia roll a perfect massage tool to ease tensions. Combined with the BOOSTER however, you can make many times more intense the massage effect.


The high efficiency is due to the slim shape of the BLACKROLL® SLIM, allowing you to use the massage roller everywhere. In addition, the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER can be used with every 30 cm from fascierol BLACKROLL®. The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER HEAD, which is included in delivery, you can massage themselves with various pressure point attachments. Depending on your feelings hurt, you can use different pressure point attachments for a more intense or less intense vibratiemassage.Effektives

Fascia training thanks to the sleek fascia roller

The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER HEAD BOX seems to perfect the combination of massage and vibration. You probably get the most effective BLACKROLL® products in one package. The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER is at the center. The BOOSTER vibrations can be adjusted continuously, so you can intensify the massage anytime. This unit gets your fascia roller upgrade to the Vibra Motion Technology use BLACKROLL® BOOSTER in a versatile way.

Pressure and vibration: The BOOSTER and sleek fascia roller BLACKROLL® you can treat your tense muscles, while the vibrations stimulate your metabolism. The massage itself is pleasant and extremely intensive. Combined with the BOOSTER BLACKROLL® SLIM is not only suitable for the regeneration of strained muscles, but also for treating painful hotspots something longer stay on the massage roller.

BOOSTER HEAD for a punctual vibration massage

Thanks to the different pressure point attachments BOOSTER can be used without massage roller. To treat the stretched tissue from three different angles, you just need to put the chapter on the BOOSTER to and from the rest with an attachment. The different degrees of hardness of the attachments make the massage of the fascia even more intensive.

Especially for the treatment of painful trigger points is BOOSTER HEAD perfect. The fascia massage improves blood circulation in the tissue, so that your muscles can regenerate faster. Furthermore, a massage hook included in the package, you can use a flat self-massage.

Exercises with the BOOSTER: fasciatraining with vibration

Training with BLACKROLL® BOOSTER is not only fun - it's incredibly effective. This is because the constant vibration irritate the pain receptors, so that the treatment is much more pleasant. Fascia training and vibrating massage are perfectly combined to muscle tension and fascia adhesions resolve faster.

You can use the booster for your back by leaving the fascier roller and cross your arms behind your head. The device is also suitable for the treatment of the thighs and the calves, because the fascia forms in this area are particularly strong. With the Booster you train your legs from all angles. You can vary the pressure by supporting yourself with your arms. If a pressure point is particularly painful, you must rest the booster with a tool to treat trigger points separately. The highlight is that you can combine the booster as a core with all the fascia rolls from Blackroll® that are 30 centimeters long, so that self-treatment becomes even more varied.

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