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Blackroll® Booster Head


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Massage discharges for your booster

If you already have the booster, this Blackroll Set is an absolute must-have for you. The set contains various attachments that are suitable for a flat and punctual vibration massage. With the booster HEAD, painful voltages can be released and the blood circulation of the fascia and muscle tissue can be stimulated.

De Booster offers many application options. In combination with a BlackRoll® Fascia Roller, it is the ideal training instrument for an intensive fascia massage. The booster can be combined with every 30 cm long Blackroll® fascia roller - but is also a great training and massage instrument in itself. If you already have the booster, the Booster Head is the ideal addition to you.

In addition to attachments of different strength, the set is equipped with a massage hook that is suitable for a flat vibration massage. Thanks to the different hardness levels of the attachments, you can vary the pressure point massage to you to treat trigger points. In addition, you can change the vibration strength: the booster works in a frequency range from 15 to 56 Hz.



Different corners for effective self massage

To be able to use the booster as a massage device, a chapter is supplied in the set, which is characterized by three different angles. These angles make the booster not only easy to handle - you can also apply the vibration massage with different intensity and under different angles. With the thread adapter you can quickly attach the head pieces, which are either soft (green), medium (gray) or hard (black).

If you are particularly sensitive to pain, you must start the soft attachment before you perform yourself with the medium or hard attachment. Due to the conical shape, the attachments are perfect for a punctual pressure point massage to release muscle stresses and stimulate the blood flow from the tense muscle tissue. The massage is similar to acupressure, whereby the hotspots are stimulated and dissolved with varying pressure.

For a flat massage of the fascia, use the supplied massage hook, characterized by a much longer contact surface. Due to its light-curved form, it is particularly suitable for self-massage on arms, legs and flanks to loosen stuck structures and stimulate the nerve endings.

And the best is: You can handle yourself with the booster or a therapist or trainer do it before you. The booster and the booster HEAD are therefore not only used at home, but also on therapeutic and sporty area.


Fascia training for the entire body

With the different attachments you can handle the entire body, where you need a partner for the treatment of the back. The massage goes deep through the intensive massage effect of the booster. Thanks to the different angles on the head piece, even difficult to reach zones can be achieved, especially the neck, the hips or the buttocks.

Without the attachment you can also use the booster for fascia training by combining it with a 30 cm blackroll® fasciar roller. Both tools are available as a Blackroll® booster set of smart or as a booster set. By the way, the Blackroll® booster set comes with a standard or med fascia roller. The BlackRoll® Med is particularly suitable for beginners because it is softer than the Standard Fascia Roller.

Do you want the Blackroll® Booster, a fasciar roller and the attachments in one set? Then the BlackRoll® Booster Head Box may be the right choice for you: it contains a booster, the booster head with various attachments and the Slim Fascia Roller. The Blackroll® Slim has a particularly slim form to strengthen the training of the Fascia and the vibration effect. The Blackroll® smart is 30 cm long, but has a much smaller circumference than the other Massager rollers from Blackroll®. This makes it an ideal travel companion. You can easily do fascia training everywhere and always.

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