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Blackroll® Blackbox Med


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The complete set with soft foam roller

Craftsmen are already familiar with the name Blackroll®. The massage and training tool is not only used by private individuals and therapists - they are also a main component of many sports clubs. In particular, football players in the versatile options in use and the high effectiveness of our Blackroll® products.

The products are not only suitable for self-massage, but also for Fascia training. With the BlackRoll® Set Med, one immediately brings a four-year-old products in the house! Compared to the BlackBox Standard, the Blackroll® SETMED contains a 20 percent softer foam roller, which is mainly used in therapeutic range. The set contains some of the best-selling and most favorite products from Blackroll®.

A real all-rounder and bestseller under the Blackroll® products is Deblackroll® med foam roller, which is slightly softer than the standard foam roller.

Due to the softer material, this roller is especially suitable for slender people, or when something is severely susceptible. In addition, the set with a Blackroll mini foam roller, a ball 08 and a duoball08 is equipped to massage certain muscles and in particular 'hotspots'.

Med Foamroller

In contrast to the BlackRoll® Standard foam roller, the Blackroll® Med has a clear softer hardness, which makes particular careful treatment possible. Defoam roller is especially suitable for pine sensitive individuals who wish a less intensive massage. Compared to the Standard foam roller, the med foam roller is 20 percent softer, so that the roll is mainly used in therapeutic range. The Med Foamroller is also the right choice for 'foam roller aspirant'. If you want a particularly cautious fascia massage, to stimulate or improve the blood flow and mobility and joints, the Blackroll® med foam roller is guaranteed a direct hit. With this foam roller, even fascial adhesions and so-called hotspots can be treated, which limit everyday flexibility and mobility. Muscle voltages and the syptoms that come from daily unilateral movements, which may resemble a backhnia, can be prevented or treated by the BlackRoll® Med Foam roller to use regularly. Through daily training and use of the roller, muscles cannot only recover faster, but tensions can also be better prevented. Because the Blackroll® med foam roller is clearly softer than the BlackRoll® Standard, we recommend persons who are more than 75 kg. roads, two mini foam rollers as to reinforcement. Due to the low hardness, the BlackRoll® med foam roller is not suitable for balance exercises.

Extra Tools in Deblackbox Med

There are three more extra massage tools in thisBlackroll® SETMED, which one can not only use for the larger massage surfaces, but can also be used for point-by-point self-massage. Painful hotspots are treated and detached as effectively. The most important massage tools include the Blackroll Mini, which is clearly smaller and lighter than the BlackRoll® Med Foamroller. You can use this mini roller to handle both the entire back, but also the forearms, the shoulders, calves and achilles tendon. After the self massage, the muscles feel much looser and softer. If muscles and hotspots are particularly stubborn, the ball 08 comes in very good. With a diameter of 8 cm it is super practical to use. With its small surface one can handle every muscle point. Against the wall, on the floor, or use this practical tool on a table: the Blackroll®ball 08 is extremely versatile.

Blackbox set: fascia training with the duoball  

The Blackroll®Duoball08 is one of the most important massage tools for treatment of the back. Because this product is a composition of two massage balls molted (with recess for the spine), it is perfect for an effective parallel massage of the long back muscles. This ball is also extremely suitable for massage of the shin leg or Achilles tendon. The neck can also be massaged with the Duoball of Blackroll®. With this BlackRoll® Blackbox Med Set, recovery and mobilite exercises are perfectly combined to improve both flexibility and strength.

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