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Olympic Distance (OD)

The distances and sports nutrition:Please note that the tips and advice below must first be tried during a training before you apply this in a competition!

 The Olympic Distance (OD) triathlon

  • 1500m Swimming,
  • 40 km Bicycles,
  • 10 km Running.

Compared to the Sprint Triathlon you can get more in a 'zone' with an od triathlon. Your heart rate will be a lot less high than with the sprint. After all, you must keep it longer. The toppers do around 1:45 pm to 2 hours while the normal mortal takes a little longer here.

We try to distribute the stock of carbohydrates as well as possible about the distance where we still try to hold the EA for a final sprint when running. A good distribution in intensity about the distances will you have to practice ... how does my body respond to this intensity and I can still cycle / running.

So you can supplement your carbohydrate supplies better and easier at this distance. The preparation is the same as the Sprint triathlon, however, the biggest change is in the bicycle part. In this part you can eat and drink much more. After all, you have a longer time and the intensity is lower than with a sprint.

Tip: It is advisable to take a 750 ml bottle by bicycle supplemented by approximately 2 to 3 (isotonic) gels.For example, you can attach the gels on your top tube from the bicycle with painting tape so that you can easily loosen it during cycling.

While running, it is advisable to use the organization's drink post and to exchange water and sports drink here. First inform the organization what they offer because this really differs from competition to competition. If you don't trust it, for example, you can always bring their own sports drink. Science in Sports has made a handy 400ml bottle for this that easily fits your hand.

The same applies to the recovery as for the SprintRiatlon. Try within 30 minutesn After the effort, take a recovery drink to replenish your glycogen supply. Such a recovery drink is a combination of proteins (building material for the muscles), electrolytes and carbohydrates. These elements are the basis for a good recovery. As soon as it is somewhat possible, you can easily pass on normal food (not too grease and preferably no alcohol).

Try to drink 1 to 2 water bottles with electrolytes in the hour after the game and preferably. Passing up your moisture management will promote your recovery in the hours that follow this is definitely recommended in warm weather.

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