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Our entire stock is online. So that means that we have no products in a hidden corner. Every day we walk through the stock to keep this up-to-date and yet it may happen that we can go wrong. We will always contact and offer an alternative (or possibly pursue as soon as it inside).

The stock is not enormous, and we are doing well. How so? By having a smaller stock we ensure that our inventory is always equipped with the latest and most long shelf life data. So we ensure rapid refreshing our products. Every working day after 8 pm we ensure that the stock has been updated again with the products that we will enter the next day.

Are you planning to place a large order, such as for your entire team going on training internship, or participating in a beautiful multi-day tour like Giro di Kika, the Pyrenenachallenge or the Tour for Life. Then check our group prizes. Always interesting.

By having your own stock we can therefore quickly respond to your wishes. Ordered today (on working days) is often the next day at home.

Did you know that: you can also see the minimum expiry date of the products. Is nothing about it? Then the product is at least 4 months shelf life. A THT date, by the way, does not say much, because the operation, taste and composition of the product changed very slowly. Often you can still use months (and sometimes years) after the indicated THT date.


Our prices are very competitor to mention and often slightly cheaper than at the competitors. The basic price that we use is the sales advice price as recommended by the supplier. Sometimes we also have to do with price increases (unfortunately almost never price reductions).

In addition to the already competitive prices you can get even more advantageous by looking at our tag elevations. This often saves between 3% and 5% on the product. The tag elevations can be found on the product page.


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