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The word Xplova is a combination of the English word 'Explore' (exploring) and the Spanish word 'VA', which means 'discovering and progressing'. Xplova was born from the passion of the makers to challenge themselves and to rise above themselves.

The Xplova Noza S is The challenge of the established order in the world of bicycle trainers. The computer brand Acer that this trainer has developed comes into a dot thanks to this interactive bike trainer. The maximum wattage of 2500 watts to simulate the competition is embarrassed. With a maximum increase percentage up to 18%, every Wift session In which Ardennes hills or Italian alpine giants play a role almost as realistic as your annual climbling trip abroad.

The integrated Powermeter gives you extensive insight into the efficiency of your training. For setting up and reading your training, you can use the Xplova workout, but thanks to the Bluetooth / Ant connection, it is possible to link the trainer to almost every external app (for example, trainer Road or Virtual Training). The noza s is very quiet. He only produces 58 decibels at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Your neighbors will certainly not complain! And all that for a very competitive price!

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