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Xendurance is a brand that distinguishes itself from others. A supplement that defeats the burning sensation in your muscles. As a result, you can continue in both training courses and competitions. That is special in itself. Different tests indicate that Xendurance has a positive effect on the VO2 Max and an increase in the anaerobic threshold. Moreover, many athletes speak to a better recovery and an increase in the number of wattage in bicycles. Doping-free Xendurance is 'devised' by a top athlete itself. A former bobslear from America used to train a lot in Europe. At the time, he was wondering about the few knowledge of Europeans on the use of supplements. He is always an avid supporter of a healthy lifestyle through healthy food. But he is convinced at the same time that for an active athlete, whether it is at top sport level or recreational, today's diet is not always sufficiently sufficient. He introduced the use of supplements at many of his concelayas. And even after his active sports carrier, he remained involved in nutrition, supplements and sports. From its background in the diet, he develops high-quality multivitamins, fish oil and xendurance. Good value here are natural ingredients, a pure production process and the highest quality requirements. It is not for nothing that Xendurance products are extensively tested at the highly attributed HFL in England. Xendurance carries the Informed Sports label! Doping authority NZVT recognized security system informed sport of HFL. Xendurance is therefore doping-free! Xendurance comes from the ideas that bicarbonate was used in top sport to postpone or prevent the production of lactic acid into the muscles. An annoying side effect is that giving up stomach complaints. It is a difficult product to use and apply well. The former top athlete searched for another solution of pure natural products. In the meantime, Xendurance is on the market for four years and grows its use explosively. Reactions of athletes arrive daily that athletes benefit at every level.

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