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Riding into the autumn and winter? Find here our cycling WINTER ESSENTIALS

Trail Racevest & Backpacks

Racevest or trail backpack specially designed that they are stable on your back and do not slide back and forth while running. Whether you opt for a racing vest or backpack is very personal. Race jackets and backpacks come in many different sizes, ranging from 2 to more than 30 liters.

In addition to wearing comfort, the choice is also determined by the ease of use. For example, not every racing vest can be combined with a drinking bag. And with backpacks there is not always room for soft bottles or water bottles at the front. Can you easily reach the bags on the chest or hip belt? Some models are equipped with stick holders so that you can store your sticks while running or pick it up.

The best racing vest, or trail backpack, does not exist. For a trail of 30 kilometers through the Ardennes, different requirements are set than an ultra or multi -day trail through the high mountains. Therefore adjust your vest or backpack to your competition or trip.

Sports nutrition

Good sports nutrition is a must for the endurance athlete to deliver a good performance. After about 1.5 hours of exercise, the tank is empty at an athlete if there is no refilling. Which and how much sports nutrition you use is very personal and dependent on many to parameters such as weather, fatigue, gender, condition and much more. What is your ideal sports nutrition?

All sports nutrition here
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