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Tjebbe Venema (NLD)


It is my brother Wiebe who has come into contact with sustainable sport again. Again, because a large part of my primary school time and the beginning of high school I spent on an athletics track in Amersfoort, who of AV Triathlon, Note Bene. Then I had to have the 'longer numbers': the thousand meters on the track and winter cross rows. The more technical parts were less spent on me. Anyway, as it goes: later, the cairn from the pub that of the running shoes said.

That changed in 2011, when I walked my first half marathon, indicating Wiebe, who had been walking and cycling for some time. An agony, but one that was worth repeating. I took over his old racing bike and a new addiction was born. Slowly my times at the half marathon crawled towards the one and a half hours and even below. The triathlon drew, only that swimming didn't really work. Until I decided to make serious work from it four years ago. I became a member of triathlon club De Dolfijn in Amsterdam and after an emergency course Borstcrawl, I started my first game. Again: addictive.

After three seasons in the second, first and Eredivisie triathlon, I decided to go for the long distance. I combine the many training hours with a full-time job at the public broadcaster. What happened in Frankfurt went upstairs all expectations. After nine hours and eleven minutes, the redeeming words sounded: 'Tjebbe Venema, you are an ironman'. I was fourth in my agagrough, eighth aggrouper overall. But above all, I had a limit, surprised myself. And that is, at whatever level you come out in this sport, exactly what the triathlon makes so beautiful: it gives you the opportunity to push limits, amaze yourself.

I hope to do that right next season, with the help and support of Athletesportsworld. Ironman Cork In Ireland, Ironman70.3 is planned and in the run-up to the Netherlands. I look forward!



  • 3rd place triathlon Stiens (Sprint)
  • 2nd place Itu Triathlon Championships Rotterdam (OD)
  • Promotion with the dolphin to the Triathlon Eredivisie


  • 1st place Triathlon Amsterdam New West (OD)
  • 1st place AGEGROUP 30-34 Challenge Peguera Mallorca (half a distance)


  • 4th place Agegroup 30-34 Ironman 70.3 Kraighau
  • 4th place Agegroup 30-34 Ironman European Championship Frankfurt



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