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Swim cap

Here you can go for various types of swimming caps. For example, swimming caps (bath hats) are in the pool, and swimming caps for the colder temperatures before you go swimming in the spring and autumn open water. Swimmings are made from (art) rubber, polyester (textile), latex or silicone.

The bathing hats that are used to keep warm (so for open water are suitable) are made of rubber (neoprene). Often these caps have a belt under chin to keep the cap in place.

Silicone bath hats are made from 100% silicone, a rubbery fabric. The properties of silicone make it ideal for making bathing hats: Silicone is very stretchy, water repellent, does not stick, UV is slightly resistant and does not produce allergic reacts. Thanks to these properties, silicone bath hats have a great fit. The water-repellent properties ensure a waterproof closure and keep the head hair dry. Because silicone is not stuck, the silicone bath cap can easily be switched off and off without a pulling feeling is created on the head hair. In addition, silicone bath hats are thicker than latex bathing hats. All in all its silicone bath hats more comfortable and more sustainable than bathing hats from (nature) rubber or latex.

Latex bathing hats are made from latex. Latex is a natural, milky fabric ("emulsion"), consisting of various proteins, oils, starch, sugars and more. Latex is less stretchable compared to silicone; The farther latex is stretched, the greater the resistance. Latex is also a bit sticky; The advantage is that a latex bathing cap remains good, especially on dry scalp and hair. The disadvantage is that a latex swim cap is more difficult to switch and drop off because of this sticky feature: the swinging cap with talcum powder can prevent the stickiness, so that the bathroom cap is easier to set up and off. Just like silicone, Latex is very water-repellent. Latex allergy occurs with a small part of the population.

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