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StrydWith wind detection. Remove doubt whether you are training well, monitor your progress. TheStryd3.0 Power meter in fact gives you insight into loop efficiency capacities on your wrist that you previously had to go to the laboratory.

StrydIs a small portable power meter that you can click on your shoe. It measures more than twelve values, such as performance, technique, muscle strength and condition, just like the external running environment, and adds these values ​​together in 1, power.

The newStrydhas an opening at the front -Strydcalls it a wind port - where there is an extremely sensitive measuring instrument. Similar to a pit tube known from the hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, this instrument measures the wind speed. If you know the wind speed, you can calculate the air resistance.

StrydDoes not use GPS to measure your distance traveled, but accelerometers (accelerometers). This turns out to be the most reliable in short and long distances and places with high buildings. Do you coupleStrydOn your sports watch or smartphone and see what you have walked.

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