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Squirt Lube

Squirt Lube

Squirt Lube is the result of brainstorming sessions from a South African MTB Vriendenclub. This consisted of O.A. from a lawyer, a pharmacist and an engineer who were dissatisfied and frustrated over the existing chain oils.

There was no lubricant at that time at which the chain was a marathon long. Furthermore, dirt and the resulting brightness caused too much wear on the drive train.
Research and Trial and Error led to a new lubricant that did meet the requirements. Finally a product where the chain (both under wet and dry circumstances) remains really clean.

In two years, Squirt became the market leader in the field of chain lubricants in South Africa. After all, the cycling and MTB sport is very popular.
After this, Europe, Australia and the US soon followed.

Squirt Lube exists, O.A. from different types of wax that have been processed in an emulsion; This has the advantage that there is an exceptional high percentage of wax.
After application, the liquid penetrates into the openings between the inner pins, rolls and pictures of the chain. The water evaporates slowly and the wax leaves a layer that is water, sand and dirt-repellent (oil / teflon attracts dirt!).
The chain therefore remains clean and runs smoothly, so that there is considerably less wear on the parts of the drive train.

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