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Sprint Triathlon

The distances and Nutrition

Please note that the tips and advice below must first be tried during a training before you apply this in a competition!

Sprint triathlon

  • 750m swim,
  • 10 km cycling,
  • 5 km running.

The sprint triathlon is a funny distance regarding sports nutrition. The problem is that you act on the tips of your heartbeats, the bills must happen fast, and every second counts. The charts do just under 60 minutes left, but many of us will be between 1: 10 am and 1: 45h about.

The body in high intensity has only 1: 10 am and 1: 20h in carbohydrates that are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles. This is different for each person, so how many carbs you have you will have to determine experimentally by adding a match in training to simulate.

A sprint distance is a competition that takes place at maximum intersiteit. Theoretically, the body stops in physiology at the intensity of the absorption of nutrients. According to this theory do so to bring anything, but there is also such a thing as the mental factor.

Nothing you have to cause unrest .."What if I do get hungry""There is a chance that I get a energiedip" etc. .Only for this reason, although it is advisable to take a gel in your back pocket and a small bottle of sports drink on your bike.

At this distance, the period of time for and after the game is very important. Start your sprint triathlon then having recommended to you in order to moisture and your carbohydrate stock having maximized.

A proper moisture balance is to achieve by the intake of 1 to 2 bottles (a 500ml) with a 100% hydration beverage. This drink fills the necessary salts and minerals (electrolytes) in the body without this having any effect on the fast carbs in your body. These drinks contain so few electrolytes.

Also on the day of the match you can have a bottle of this drink.

In the five days for a triathlon you let the intensity of your workouts decrease in length and intensity. This is to give the muscles the necessary rest. Take extra slow carbohydrates in the body will store these carbohydrates in muscles and liver during this period. This allows for (stacking carbohydrates) an additional buffer. There are two ways to do this ... 1. Additional carbohydrate intake through normal food (pasta, rice, couscous, etc.) or 2. Using a carbo loader.

On the day of the triathlon is the recommended intake of electrolytes to. Furthermore, you can 1.5 to 2 hours (and try it even once in a training on race pace) a carbohydrate but low fiber meal food.

About 10 to 15 minutes before the start, you can still take a gel along with a few good gulps sports drink. This will give you the necessary energy while cycling. In exchange, we always advise you still have to stand a bottle so you can still out here drinking during the changeover.

On the bike so we always have one with us gel and a small bottle sports drink. Is the hot weather we moreover recommend a thirst quencher to be used over an energy drink.

At the last change you can again take a few sips of your bottle and then so directly towards the finish.

Good recovery after such an effort is nice. You have your body in a short time pushed to the limit. Try 30 minutes to take a recovery drink after exercise. Such a recovery drink is a combination of proteins (building material for the muscles), electrolytes and carbohydrates. These elements are the basis for a good recovery. As soon as it is somewhat possible, you can easily pass on normal food (not too grease and preferably no alcohol). Optionally, you can also take a protein bar.

Try to drink 1 to 2 water bottles with electrolytes in the hour after the game and preferably. Passing up your moisture management will promote your recovery in the hours that follow this is definitely recommended in warm weather.

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