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Rockay is a premium running apparel brand with a mission to provide runners with world-class products while helping the world out of the environmental crisis it is facing.

This is done by sourcing fabrics that can be recycled and by turning plastic into fabrics. While we are not quite there yet, but is our long-term goal!

All of this will be achieved while not compromising on the quality of the products in any way. They are committed to making the best products for runners on the market.

Sustainability and performance, they believe it go hand-in-hand. Reducing our carbon footprint is a core philosophy at Rockay, and one of the biggest factors is the materials they use in their socks, sleeves, apparel and accessories. Wherever they can, they use recycled and sustainable materials and technologies.

Trust them when they say that they are continuously exploring and sourcing out better options to help enhance your performance, reduce impact and be a leader in implementing the most innovative technologies and materials out there.

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