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Capital meters

Training on power is the ideal way to get aimed at better. Powermeters (also called power meters) show exactly how hard you push on the pedals, whether you are wind or contradicted. Powermeters are becoming increasingly cheaper in price and are often mounted by more expensive bicycles. The Assioma Duo is a must-have for ambitious cyclists who want to get the most out of themselves. The pedals can easily be attached to the crank of the bike and it is also easy to switch between different bicycles. Unlike other capital gauges, Favero measures the wattage on the pedal where the force is applied. It is a direct power meter that provides reliable and accurate data. And because the force sensors are integrated in both pedals, the Assioma Duo gives the unique possibility to measure the power left and right independently of each other. By visualizing the right / left balance of the legs, the system helps improve bicycle technology. Come and visit our showroom for expert advice or order simplification and fast via!

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