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Bare Sports ExoWear Neopreen Heat Swim Hoodie / Cap

Bare Sports

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Just like your skin, but even better, ExoWear keeps the body warm - protection, comfort, breathability and layered fexibility. ExoWear does this with OMNIRED technology, the best materials and innovative design.


It has been scientifically proven that OMNIRED technology offers more thermal protection than comparable technology. Thermoreactive minerals incorporated into the material convert body heat into infrared emergie, which is then reflected back to the body.


The Exowear material consists of three layers - an inner lining, a membrane and an outer layer - which together provide protection against the elements. The layers are water repellent, windproof, breathable, fast drying and antimicrobial.


Freedom of movement is essential in the water. ExoWear stretches in all directions and therefore performs better than standard materials that stretch in two directions. This superior feature makes ExoWear all the more elastic and ventilates even better.


Your head is well protected and stays extra warm during activities in cold water.


  • 3-layer material technology
  • 2 mm Elastek full-stretch neoprene face seal for comfort and sealing
  • Long neck piece so that the hood stays well and comfortably in place
  • Flat stitched seams
  • OMNIRED technology for more heat
  • The layers are water-repellent, windproof, breathable, quick-drying and antimicrobial

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