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Maxim is actually created by chance after the founder, the English cyclist Steve Jennings, was revalidating from an accident. Steve biked with his racing car against an open door of a tracking car and ended up with a number of fractures in the hospital. During his rehabilitation process, he received a carbon hydration mix from the hospital, which he felt very well and energetic. After his recovery, Steve decided to make this unique "energymix" commercial for the cycling platoon.

However, this product was so pure that it was not initially suitable for commercial purposes. He came in contact with a number of scientists, and together they developed a "superdrink." With this, the first Maxim product was born and Steve called it Maxim Original. Maxim became the official supplier of the British Olympic team at the games in Barcelona (1992). After the Olympics, Steve truly discovered the potency of his "superdrink" and made him available to all the endurance athletes. Maxim became really "hot" in England.

The unique to Maxim Original is that it has an ideal composition of simple and complex carbohydrates and that it is neutral in taste. So you can easily add it to other drinks and even meals in order to stack extra carbs. Until today, the recipe has never changed, only it is called "Maxim Carboloader".

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