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Maratona Dles Dolomites

The Maratona Dles Dolomites is the Elfstedentocht of the Dolomites. Rijen thick stand the spectators to encourage the 9,000 participants from 40 countries and the event is broadcast directly on the Italian channel RAI. For riders who do not speak Italian, the incentives from the side may be initially hostile, but rest assured: "dai' means 'go". The verbal help is more than welcome, because the most important Italian Gran Fondo (Cyclosportief) is a heavy job. For that reason, the organization has built up the ride that it is possible after 55 kilometers, 4 fits and 1780 height meters to stop and still get a medal for the Sella Ronda. Participants who continue to have twenty kilometers later the choice to do the middle distance (106 km, 6 passes and 3090 altimeters) or the total Maratona Dles Dolomites (138 kilometers, 7 passes and a height difference of 4190 meters). That group that opts for the last also climbs the steepest mountain of the day, the Passo di Giau (9.9 km at 9.3% on average). Heavy snowfall on this impressive peak in 1989 took care of the Maratona, which was last two years earlier with 166 participants, was canceled.

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