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Walker, Niels

Walker Founded in 2014 by Nils to give runners more information about injury prevention in running and walking technology. Running courses are currently being given in Amsterdam for both beginners and the advanced students.

Nils was pretty sporty in his youth and who remained until his 28ste. After a period of approximately 10 years exercise and many works, he will run again in 2008. The kick was huge to experience how quickly you can learn to run longer.

In the meantime, a running club was awarded his own and unsolicited accommodation. It was therefore logical that he became a running trainer in 2010. Because he wanted to know more of walking technology, he has done a training trainer at the Athletics Union. There he learned that he was made to be a running trainer!.

As mentioned, Niels is therefore running in 2014 Walker started. To learn to learn more technically with less chance of injuries. And to share the most beautiful walking routes in nature, preferably unpaved. He now has a nice community of wise runners and regularly organized and well-attended training camps in the Ardennes are organized.

Do you want to start well, don't you get any further, are you in a running dip or are you injured? Let Nils help you for your next step!

Are you interested in more videos of Nils? Then go to His website and receive 5 extra videos for free

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