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Lizzy Bastiaansen (NLD)

Lizzy Bastiaansen (NLD)


Hi! I am Lizzy Bastiaansen, 24 years old and I come from Dongen, Noord-Brabant. I only discovered my passion for Triathlon two years ago, while I studied at the Fontys Dansacademie in Tilburg. With my background in dance, the transition to triathlon was surprising, but after I finished my first sprint triathlon I was immediately sold. I now call myself a triathlete than dancer rather than dancer, though I secretly.

Lizzy Bastiaansen RunningWith two years of experience in sport, I sometimes still find myself a 'brookie'. September last year I finished my first half triathlon where I qualified for the World Cup in Samorin. From that moment on, I am a bit more serious, I started training with a coach and I made plans for the future.

My heart lies with the longer distances and I hope to accomplish my first full distance in one or two years. 

Ultimately it is my dream to start in Kona to start the aggroup press and come across the magical finish line.

VIA MY Instagram page @lizzylizzycom I take everyone into my passion for sports, preparations for the competitions, the UPS and downs, but I mainly share the huge pleasure that this sport gives me! I also work as a body, food, & lifestylecach, personal trainer, dance teacher, I provide a wide range of sports lessons and I recently started my own company Spicy fit.

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