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Joey van 't Verlaat (NLD)

Joey van 't Verlaat (NLD)


I am Joey van 't Verlaat, 19 years old from Spijkenisse. Around my 12th I became a member of TVs'90, the local triathlon association. At the time I was already a member of the cycling association and occasionally I did a walking competition, but the triathlonsport did not have such a form for me. Only when I started to pick up stage places at NKs and the Dutch title picked up at the Duathlon in 2014, I started training.

In 2016 I became a member of the local swimming club and I also started walking and cycling. Partly because of this, I have booked so much progress that I was allowed to make my debut in April of that year at the European Duathlon Championship in Kalkar, Germany. After a 16th place at that European Championship I was allowed to start at the Etu Junior Cup in Holten in early July 'to learn a lot'.

In 2017 I stood in Quarteira, Portugal, for the first time at the start of an Etu Junior Cup abroad. Here I knew for the first time after swimming to connect with a large group. Later that year I put an even better performance in Holten. In September 2017, I took the Dutch title at the Crosstriathlon for the first time in September 2017. I was also declared sportsman of the year in the municipality of Nissewaard in December.

The last season was the best season that I have ever played so far. Because I am in Kitzbühel as 2 both in Haarlemmermeer and at the Etu Junior Cupe Dutchman finished, a wildcard was requested to me (and ultimately assigned) for the EK triathlon in Estonia. I was also selected for the Duathlon World Cup for juniors in the Danish Odense. I knew this match on a 3ePlace to end throughout the entire game in the leading group! 2 weeks later, unfortunately, it became clear that there is still plenty to be gone on swimming: I came as 60e from the Estonian water, but by a strong cycling and walking part still to be jerked to a 35e Spot at the European Championship. After a well-deserved vacation I came to the NK OD (my first Olympic distance) to an 11e Place overalls and an 8e Place at the U23.
A spacious month later I tackled the Dutch title in Spijkenisse, just like in 2014. The EK Duathlon on Ibiza 2 weeks later took a 4 weeke Unfortunately, then place a little less than hoped, you are nevertheless the number 3 in the world.

In 2019 I go from the juniors to the seniors / U23, so next season will probably be all about training and learning between the 'big men'. I also hope to be of a fixed value for my Eredivision team Rogelli trimates that this year as 2e ended in the highest competition in the Netherlands!

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