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Jardy Van Den Heuvel (NLD)

I am Jardy van den Heuvel, living in Maastricht but raised in Waalwijk. Like many boys I have also grown up with football, but as I got older I noticed that football wasn't the 'right' sport that suited me! In the meantime, I already participated in competition swimming, where I quickly booked progression and also participated in NKs. Here I went wrong with 'full-time', but I noticed that I missed it outside sports so I started running.
In the end I am through one Talent day of the NTB Rolled in the triathlon world in 2014. I have the first two years in it NTC SITTARD Trained, but this was not the right place for me through several reason. In the meantime I have been training with a group in Maastricht, where I am excellent!

Jardy Van Den Heuvel
In 2018 I was released for it Kijani triathlon team In the NTB Eredivisie Team competitions.
Oh yeah! I don't really sport! In 2018 I started my bachelor biomedical sciences at Maastricht University and in September that year I started the Masters in Sports and Nutrition!

2018 was therefore a beautiful year in the school area, but also in the field of sport! The highlight for me was a 3rd place overall at the NK OD in Veenendaal and 2nd place in the under 23 category!
At least I look forward to what 2019 will bring me!
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