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Riding into the autumn and winter? Find here our cycling WINTER ESSENTIALS



Born in Germany, Made in Italy. We create high performance bicycle and running socks, unparalleled in style and identity.

From the outset, Incylence wanted to show freedom and a strong bond with our beautiful nature, because we, as endurance athletes, perform our passion here. We are those who pursue goals with full determination; Perhaps these are personal records, new cycling routes or improving the brand and the socks. In a sense we are proactive beings, we take our fate into our own hands.

The idea of ​​Incylence was born in 2017 and the first eight sock models were born on 18 June 2018. With the brainstorming, the brand construction and finally the implementation of the designs as the last part of the puzzle of our brand communication, we have always tried to remain faithful to our credo: lifestyle and performance!

With their products they want to close the gap between maximum quality and functionality on the one hand and a very good part of the lifestyle on the other. The functionality of our products is always paramount and forms the basis for all our promotions. Only an absolutely high -quality product finds its way to our store. With our designs we want to prove that "functional" does not have to be uniform, conservative or even boring. The first colorage: 100% Incylence We have manifested this line of thought with our first large coloring sharing in January 2019. For the first time we presented a dark base sock in the Arrows and Stripes designs, which was supplemented with strong colors. For the recordings we consciously opted for a location where we could express both athletics and the pursuit of maximum performance, but also the lifestyle and a "stylish cosiness".

Sports nutrition

Good sports nutrition is a must for the endurance athlete to deliver a good performance. After about 1.5 hours of exercise, the tank is empty at an athlete if there is no refilling. Which and how much sports nutrition you use is very personal and dependent on many to parameters such as weather, fatigue, gender, condition and much more. What is your ideal sports nutrition?

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