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Hoka One One

Hoka One One


The nameHoka One Onecomes from the Maori and means something like "flyaboutThe Earth ". You can also see the wings as a symbol on the Hoka shoes.

Since 2010, the Hoka One One has the goal to offer runners new and wonderful benefits. Hoka One One succeeds considerably on the American and European running market.
The running shoes from Hoka One One are known for themidsoleWith a higher volume, this volume is twice the volume of regular running shoes. Because of this volume, the impact is better absorbed and less fatigue occurs at the feet, legs and hull.

These running shoes ensure an incredible experience to your feet. That is why Hoka One One has an extensive range running shoes for the road, competition shoes but also different Trail running shoes Developed.

Hoka One One is the top running brand on theIron man in Hawaii. For the second time in the still short existence of Hoka One One, Hoka has taken the lead in the "Shounecount" during the Iron Man of Hawaii with a stunning man17.7% of all participants who wore Hoka One OneDuring their competition. (source

Also on theUTMB in Chamonix (Trailrunning)Hoka One One scores exceptionally well as a leader to put more than 25% of 10,000 participants on Hoka One One trail running shoes. With the Mafate Speed ​​2 and the Speedgoat 3, good for 28% and 51% of the Hoka One One runs, respectively, you have the ideal trail running shoes within reach.

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