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Running socks

Beautiful light and well-sitting running socks. Running to normal socks can cause blisters and even cause injuries, that is of course the last thing you are waiting for if you have just packed your running routine! So it is indeed important to wear good running socks while running. Good running socks ensure that perspiration is drained out, so that your feet remain dry and considerably reduce the chance of blisters. On the other hand, it is often nice in the summer to wear short and thin running socks, so that your feet can lose their warmth and you do not overheat.

Many running socks are equipped with an L or an R, indicating what the left sleeve and what the right person's ok is. This special left and right sock are anatomically formed and can therefore support the relevant foot extra. There are sometimes arranged extra thickening on the sock, so that the sock offers extra cushioning. A-brands that we sell are: Sporcks and Incylene

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