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Running jacks

First of all we have to point out that there are different types of running jackets, so the best running jacket is different per weep. For example, you have running jackets that you only protect against the rain, running jackets that protect you from the wind and running jackets that are specially developed to protect you from the cold in the winter.

A rain running jacket must be water-repellent or waterproof, but at the same time breathable. The breathability of a rain jacket ensures that sweat can be discharged outside. At the 2xU Running jackets this is controlled by membrane, this is a thin layer of waterproof material with small pores that raindrops cannot get through, but the water vapor caused by sweat, so that the material breathes. A third characteristic that is also desirable with a rain running jacket is that this is windproof. In addition, it is nice if a rain jacket is in weight and compact can be tucked away if you no longer need the jacket.

It is advisable to under your running jacket run-up to carry. For each brand, the size differs so look good when choosing to the size chart so that you are sure that the jacket fits well or visit our showroom.

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