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Riding into the autumn and winter? Find here our cycling WINTER ESSENTIALS

Running clothes


Find your running clothing here for both all seasons. Beautiful brands like Compressport, Roka and 2XU are ready for you.

Choose running clothes?

Running chooses his clothing mainly based on the weather conditions. Depending on the weather, we recommend your different types of clothing lines. View our advice to equip yourself as well as possible for running.

Running in the summer

During warm weather you want clothes with a breathable character that keeps you dry. Often you choose ventilating clothing with good moisture transfer that is made of breathable material. You often wear t-shirts and tops, shorts, knee pants and three-quarters during warm weather.

Running in the winter

Because it can be cold in the Netherlands, it is important to dress well here. During cold weather you want clothes that protect you against the cold and keeps you warm. You therefore opt for insulating clothing. This clothing often consists of jackets, fleece clothing and leggings. Our wind jackets in particular offer you good protection, especially because the upper body often cools down quickly.

Reflective walking clothing

Reflecting walking clothing is indispensable when you walk in the dark, especially given safety. With reflective clothing you are visible from about 100 meters (where people without these clothing have a much greater chance not to be seen). The walking clothing is equipped with reflective strips, a ventilation system and is breathable, insulating and windproof.

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