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Funky Truncks


Funky Trunks is the Aussie label with which boys make a statement when the pants fall down. With crazy colors in comfortable styles, spread over an extensive range of swimwear, underwear, beach clothing and clothing, funky trunks is designed for serious performance without the serious position. We live according to our motto: quickly acting, challenging conformity, having balls. That means we will make the best products we can do so that you can do everything to perform at your best. But we are going to do it differently than the rest because life is too short to be normal. So we put a hamburger on your suitcase or an elephant tribe on your clutter, because that makes our funky trunks.

Funky Trunks strives to provide athletes with products that will help you through the most difficult session. For every moment of excitement there are thousands of laps, turns, starts, jumps and steps to get there. In every product we make a commitment to maximize the quality of our inputs and at the same time retain the most affordable price. We are not the cheapest product on the market because we pay for inputs of the highest quality and maintain strict production standards, but we are also not the most expensive because we do not invest in extravagant marketing campaigns that are ultimately paid for by the customer.

We are fired up and you have found funky trunks and we will be more disturbed to look like your pants as a real funky trunker.

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