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Funkita is the leading brand in Australian chlorine-resistant swimwear with an exceptional offer to swimwear and activewear for women and girls in motion.

Whether you are in the water or on the land, it is their mission to ensure that our bold, colorful prints keep your day in day out inspired, and our sustainable, comfortable styles keep you moving even during your most challenging training. They are the brand that they want you to trust and love, from the quality of their products to our support from emerging athletes and the community around them. Funkita is a journey for us and they love you to bring them.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete or an everyday athlete with Olympic dreams, Funkita strives to offer athletes products that survive the most difficult session. They understand for every moment of excitement, there are thousands of rounds, turns, starts, jumps and steps to get there. In each product they do a commitment to maximize the quality of our inputs and at the same time retain the most affordable price.

They are not the cheapest product on the market because they pay for inputs of the highest quality and maintain strict production standards, but they are also not the most expensive because they do not invest in extravagant marketing campaigns that are ultimately paid by the customer. So they are excited that you have discovered funkita and they hope you decide to make our part of their journey.

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