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We love flow and want to offer you more.
With those leading words we are constantly fighting for more flow in every aspect of life!

But what is flow?

You likely to recognize the feeling like you're working on a task that clocks all your attention ... After a while you beat on the phone and acknowledge that the time has just been pasted. What felt as minutes were hours. For many, the concept of "current" is slightly abstracts and random, but we mean it is more accessible than what most people would think.
For example, if you exercise, get a good night's sleep and challenges yourself, you increase the chance of a good flow. In addition, these principles can be applied to everything that has to do with sports, work and academics.
With a strong belief of this, we want to offer you the best solutions to let you flow into what you do.

Flowlife offers various products to improve your well-being, such as the FlowPillow Heat and the Flowgun Go. The FlowPillow Heat is a massage cushion that is warm and used to massage back, neck and legs. The Flowgun Go is a massage fistole that ensures massage chests and can be used to massage legs, arms and chest.


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