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Bicycle trainers


With an indoor trainer You can train indoors on your own racing bike or mountain bike. Indoor cycling trainers are often used as warming or during the cooling down of a race, but also when driving conditions outside are not favourable because for example it is too cold or too slippery. One advantage of a bike trainer is that it is not necessary to purchase a large fitness device; you can continue to train on your own bike. A-brands we offer are: Wahoo, Tacx and Xplova.

If you are looking for a way to always be able to train on your own racbike or mountain bike, then these professional bike trainers are the solution! The range consists of:

    Zwift is the most popular application for a training on the bike trainer. This application has not been developed by a manufacturer, so you use it with all the interactive bike trainers. With Zwift you drive races and routes in a virtual world. This can be with friends, or against others.


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