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Bicycle Maintenance Advantage Packages

Bicycle maintenance advantage packages. Your goal is to properly maintain your bike. Because we would like to help you achieve your goals, we would like to recommend products that fits your goal. In addition to a good diet, good maintenance of your bicycle is essential. With good maintenance you prevent problems and everything remains smooth and feels time and time again as if you are riding a new bike again.

Why is bicycle maintenance important?

With a racing bike on mountain bike, the chain and sprockets are the most important part of the bicycle to maintain. It is important that this remains beautiful and smoothly, because the easier this all runs how hard you can cycle!

  • Less fast wear
  • Less resistance
  • Longer service life of your necklace and cassette
  • In many lubricants for chains, special additives that ensure that your chain has less frictional resistance. This will make the bicycle easier and there is less quick wear. Don't you maintain your bike well? Then you will have to replace the necklace and cassette and will also switch your bike less easily.
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