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Riding into the autumn and winter? Find here our cycling WINTER ESSENTIALS

Bicycle trousers

Cycling pants come in three different variants, namely the Short cycling pants, Long cycling pants and the winter pants With suspenders. The variants with suspenders, also known as bib shorts, are usually more comfortable than standard cycling pants. After all, these cycling pants have no elastic band, but are kept high with the suspenders. The suspenders also ensure that the chamois in the pants will not shift. Most cyclists will therefore recommend that you buy cycling shorts with suspenders. This is also reflected in the large number of cyclists who wear Bib shorts.

Normal pants have no extras that you can experience inconveniences. The big advantage of cycling pants is that there is a chamois in these pants. This chamois ensures that sweat is absorbed during exercise. This keeps you dry buttocks when you are driving. The zems are made of synthetic material. You can easily wash these blisters and maintenance is also very easy.

In addition, the zems in the pants are provided with a shock -absorbing layer so that you go on the road more comfortably.

Sports nutrition

Good sports nutrition is a must for the endurance athlete to deliver a good performance. After about 1.5 hours of exercise, the tank is empty at an athlete if there is no refilling. Which and how much sports nutrition you use is very personal and dependent on many to parameters such as weather, fatigue, gender, condition and much more. What is your ideal sports nutrition?

All sports nutrition here
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