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Maurten DRINK MIX 320 Sachet


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Maurten drink mix 320
Is a sports drink based on hydrogel, made from natural alginate, pectin, electrolytes and carbohydrates.
What is Maurten's sports drink
Maurten's sports drink is already being used by great athletes and labeled as revolutionary. Top runners like Eliud Kipchoge, Wilson Kipsang and the Dutch record holder Abdi Nageeye do not drink anything else during the training and competitions.

Maurten sports drink is based on a new method to encapsulate carbohydrates and electrolytes. In a conventional sports drink, the carbohydrate concentration must remain relatively low, because a higher concentration slows gastric emptying.

A drink with a lot of sugar leads to stomach and intestinal complaints, while the sugar is also taken up with a great delay, because that only happens in the small intestine. For that reason, the usual sports drinks are also isotonic; they do not cause upset stomach, but also provide only a modest amount of carbohydrates; actually too little to expect a real boost from.

In Maurten products the carbohydrates - per formula in varying concentrations and ratios of glucose, fructose and maltodextrin - are packaged in pH-sensitive biopolymers. They only dissolve with a certain acidity.

The carbohydrates remain packed in the acidic stomach, so that the normal gastric emptying is not disturbed. The drink is passed through as water, say. Once in the small intestine the pH rises, whereupon the polymer buffers release their concentrated charge of carbohydrates. The small intestine can then be absorbed effortlessly.

The result is that the athlete with each sip quickly puts a relatively large amount of carbohydrates in circulation, without it leading to gastrointestinal complaints. If you organize the intake smartly, you can refuel extra, immediately available, energy during the long-term efforts at the crucial moments.

Mix the contents of a sachet with 500ml of water and mix until it is completely dissolved. Consume the Maurten beverage mix 320 before, during and / or immediately after the effort.

Amount of energy
Studies have shown that the human body can absorb up to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour. One Maurten drinking mix 320 sachet, mixed with 500ml water contains 80 grams of carbohydrates that are completely absorbed in the small intestine.

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