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The name Dotout combines “dot”, representing a “full stop”, and “out”. It embodies a desire for change, to punctuate your life by knowing when to put a “full stop” to your hectic schedule and day-to-day routine so you can get “out” and completely immersed in your passion and sport in the countryside.

Dotout is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle inspired by our attitude to sport that touches every aspect of our social life. Sport, like life, goes beyond competition; it’s also primarily about shared experiences.

Dotout takes a new, modern approach to sporting passion. The distinctive BACK IN TWO HOURS tagline identifies this Italian Cycling brand. This simple phrase sums up the lifestyle of the people who choose Dotout: people who successfully balance their sporting passion with the demands of everyday life by making time in their day for sport and wellbeing.

A cyclinghelmet where you can easily and quickly make an aero helmet. The Italian Dotout has such a helmet in its assortment with the DotOut Kabrio HT. Besides the Kabrio you will find in their collection several cyclinghelmets of all different levels: For example the DotOut Coupe PRO with visor, the DoutOut Targa and the DotOut Shoy helmets.


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