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Crankalicious offers a full range of cleaning and care products, in close collaboration with the Mechanics team to ensure that their bicycle preparation is as effective, efficient and valuable as possible.

They were born from a wealth of experience in car care products, with many distinctions in their name, and wanted to combine our passion for bicycles with their knowledge and expertise in the field of automotive detailing. Crankalicious is made.

They try to make the best possible, technically skilled products, using the best ingredients they can find. They try to present them in the most suitable, ecologically responsible packaging. And they are handmade in small batches, in a small Essex town, not far from Stansted airport in the UK.

The assortment:

  • Pinapple Express: fast-acting spray Wash (use: frame, braking, all contact points)
  • Mud Honey: pH neutral foaming soap, ideal for universal use
  • Epic Hide: Leather and Vynil Cleaner, Ideal for Handlebar Ribbon, Saddle, Shoes
  • Gumchained Remedy: deep-cleaning chain cleaner
  • Lemon Velo: Water-based active degreaser, for quick removal of oil, fat and dirtpacking
  • Rottorisimo: residue free brakes cleaner
  • Lie Pneu: Tires Cleaner
  • Soap Kit Wash: General Clothing Cleaner
  • Soap Kit Wash: for your delicacy clothing as well as wool
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