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CASCO is a family business that since its founding in 1989 straight focused on producing top quality products with an exceptional flair. This philosophy has proven to be effective, as CASCO now belongs to market leaders in the design and production of high-end helmets and glasses. But Casco builds more than just amazingly well thought out design concepts. It is also aimed at innovation.
The helmet specialists spend a lot of time and energy in developing solutions that make helmets as safe, comfortable and flexible to wear. Their efforts have led to a large number of patents and distinctions in this market.

For cyclists, time riders and triathletes, Hasco has some fabulous bicycle helmets! The Speedairo is a great bicycle helmet for athletes that focus on triathlon but also for cycling, both recreational, amateur or prof. Alternative to the Speedairo bicycle helmet is the speed star, a cheaper variant but certainly no less in terms of quality and therefore accessible to a larger one audience.

The Speedairo is an excellent combination between aerodynamics and ventilation. This makes this helmet even suitable for long exhausting rides or mountain stats. In contrast to conventional helmets, the Speedairo uses a net "contactless" on your head. This is not only very comfortable but also ensures a constant air flow around the head thanks to the Cooling AirStream system. Speed ​​profit by optimized aerodynamics is realized by the patented air guides and the double scale construction that makes it possible to produce an extremely streamlined and very light helmet shape. The spoilers at the rear are also a novelty. They simulate the aerodynamic drop shape effect and adjust the air flow to the attitude of the athlete. This self-adjusting aerodynamic properties give the athlete a sublime advantage. The Speedmask has a large field of vision and protects perfectly against the wind and the sun.

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