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Beetle juice

Recently you hear a lot about the use of red Concentrated beet juice, like the Beet it beet juice (sometimes also beet it written by various athletes), through endurance athletes. Red beet juice would improve the performance and endurance of the athletes. But what about this?

The fabric nitrate in red beet juice

During duration efforts, the body uses oxygen to produce energy. The body consumes carbohydrates and after a while fats as fuel. By going as efficiently as possible with these fuels you can perform best. Nitrate would in a special way reduce the consumption of oxygen during effort. The fabric nitrate is present in red beet juice in a large amount, if we compare this with other vegetables. In a study by the London School of Medicine, it has been demonstrated that nitrate leads to lower oxygen use and thus a lower heartbeat. Nitrate reduces the need for oxygen into the muscles so that it can work more efficiently. For example, nitrate could lead to better performance at height.

Do you want to know more about the use of concentrated beet juice and the use of the bit beet juice? Then continue on Our blog about the effects of concentrated beet juice

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