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BH Bikes



The initials BH (Beistegui Hermanos) have been synonymous for cycling, cycling and sportiness for more than a century. Their industrial activity started in 1909, in the armor factory in Eibar (Guipúzcoa, Spain), thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of three brothers: Cosme, Domingo and Juan Beistegui Albistegui.

Legendary cyclists have used our bicycles to make their name on two wheels and have many fans enjoying this sport where we love. Competition is part of our character.

Sidney 2000 opened the door to the triathlon as the Olympic sport and under those "crazy boys" was a young man from Vitoria with a quiet face and congenital physical conditions to become one of the best in sport. World Champion Kona, World Champion in the LD Triathlon, European Im Champion, participated 13 times in the Hawaii im, Personal Best of 7:5: 55: 16 at the age of 42 ... a legend and still part in triathlons. Enko was a precursor and was followed by the then bucknight young people who would eventually become world champion triathlon: Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza - world champions in 2009 and 2010. This was the birth of the tri-armada.

With a history of more than 100 years we feel younger than ever. Technology is going forward and innovation and development have become our most important principles that can challenge the boundaries of some bicycles. The world needs bicycles, new forms of mobility, new leisure options and new ways of life in society. We will continue to build a better world and society together. Do you want to take on the challenge?

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