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Wat is nou hét ophangsysteem is voor je fiets?

What exactly is the suspension system for your bike?

What exactly is the suspension system for your bike? Your bike earned a nice place to be cleaned up. This can be for any other place. So it will be often sleeping or living in big cities, while in smaller cities and towns, the garage or shed. Wherever you live, your bike earned a nice bicycle suspension.

To the ground

One of the easiest ways to put your bike away is leave them on the ground. To make the bike than independently stand you have the Trivio bike stand. Here you put your rear wheel in a Y-shaped frame. The rear holds over themselves than actually in place. This is a fast, easy way to put a bike.

A more stable way your bike quickly and nicely put away by using the Feedback Sports RAKK. This is a stable standard bicycle in which the rear wheel at a "pulley" is pushed. A lever, connected to a spring, allows for counter-pressure. Your bike is then parked on this standard, ready to be shown to all sides.

The advantage of this bike standards:

  • Bike can quickly put away
  • By default, you can move, so the bike does not have to be in the same place

The disadvantage of this bike standards:

  • Bike stand not stable because the front wheel can easily turn away (especially in Trivio standard)
  • Bike still takes place on land seized

On the wall

The most traditional way is to hang a bike vertically on the wall where the front wheel is often used as a point which it is fixed to the wall bracket. Through various brackets next to hang together you can ensure that you can clean easily and efficiently cycle. The advantage is that then hang the bikes and the floor beneath it is easy to keep clean.

For hanging the bike with a bicycle bracket you can make use of various systems. There is of course the standard system Pro Wall Mount. In this bracket hang your bike to a fixed hook. The advantage is that the hook gives stability to the bicycle, disadvantage is however that the bicycle can not be pushed aside easily be made even if there instead.

A hook that it can make this rotational movement is the Feedback Sports Hinge wall bracket. The bike here it hangs on a hook, but that it is mounted on a metal plate with hinges so that you can easily push aside.

The advantage of this wall brackets:

  • Bicycle depends from the ground up
  • Fixed place for your bike
  • Some of wall brackets are rotatably

The disadvantage of this wall brackets:

  • Bicycles always hang in the same place, so you can arrange anything else
  • If the bike is heavy then it takes a lot of strength to the bike lift
  • Bikes come in the room

Along the wall

The newest way to put your bike away is your bike along "the wall hang too. This method is increasingly used by bicycles that can be 'seen'. The bikes arrive in the living room or hallway increasingly hang where the bicycle or may show. Some of these systems are also designed so that you immediately your helmet, bike shoes and possibly other bike accessories can hang on. The brand Stasch designed for this purpose has a brilliant solid suspension of 6 kilo which may shine your race or time trial bicycle to the wall.

Besides this showpiece has Stasdock Feedback Sports 2 convenient bike suspension systems along wall. The big difference is that in the Feedback Sports 2D variation, the arms can be hung at different heights. This is especially useful if you have a bike with a frame slooping and still want this law is suspended.

Advantage of hanging your bike along the wall:

  • Bicycles hang along the wall, take little depth
  • Bicycles may show off
  • Suspension system where you can also lose a helmet and shoes (not with every variant)
  • Stylian

Disadows your bike to hang along the wall:

  • Occupies a large part of your wall
  • Suspension system (from stasdock) is heavy
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