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Wahoo Element en Bolt - wat kun je ermee?

Wahoo Element and Bolt - what can you do?

The Wahoo elemnt Bolt is a smaller version of the elemnt, the first bike computer Wahoo. The device is small and handy, with GPS and sensors that you can connect it to your Garmin or Mio. Ideal for your trials and training so!

The Wahoo elemnt Bolt is designed with Dimitris Katsanis. Dimitris Katsanis is the man in the field of aerodynamics on the bike. He has recently worked with the riders of Team Sky, to position the riders better on the bike. Wahoo Wahoo elemnt Bolt has been tested in collaboration with him in a wind tunnel against major competitors where they performed well. The Wahoo elemnt Bolt even the fastest bike computer on the market! This is because the front mount and Bolt have shaped as a whole.

The Wahoo elemnt Bolt has a screen of 2.2 inches. The navigation computer is supplied with a front mount and mount an additional control. In addition, a small manual there's at. The six physical buttons allow you to change or to see to the basic settings while cycling easy to use. The Wahoo elemnt Bolt contains a row LEDs that you can choose the operation. The battery lasts for about 15 hours, and is easy and quick to recharge using the supplied USB cable.

The Wahoo elemnt Bolt is controllable via a special app that you can install on Andriod and Apple. With this app you can control all the settings and route calculations. So you can make the most of the Bolt on to indicate how old and tough you are, what your heart rate zones and you can even enter your FTP. FTP sites are data links and email addresses. therefore elemnt Bolt himself has no extensive menu structure and touchscreen at his disposal. The much-needed functions are controlled physical buttons so you can easily use the bikes themselves.

The Wahoo elemnt Bolt can display up to nine data fields. At the top of the bolt has a row of LEDs that you can graphically display in the target zone you're in, or what power zone. But Wahoo elemnt Bolt also used for navigation while attacking a segment on Strava. Another advantage, the Bolt is easy to read what the weather may be.

Next to the app you can also easily upload routes Strava, ridewithgps, Komoot and Best Bike Split. This is done through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your mobile phone and is fast and easy. The routes you can also load a GPX file. This file can be loaded into another app or website to share it so. In a GPX file contains the GPS data you've created while cycling.

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