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Hardlopen met een powermeter?

Running with a power meter?

Trap frequencies, pulse frequencies, aerodynamics and wattages: everything is measured. Cycling has increasingly developed in recent years into a sport where the increasingly more to running small numbers where there is increasingly looking at the wattage the rider has used during a stage. In the 2015 Tour de France was here a big discussion going.

The riders of the then Team Sky (now INEOS Grenadiers) dominated the Tour de France on power cycling. By power cycling the riders know exactly how long they could maintain a certain effort. Watt is a unit that indicates the ability to develop a rider during exercise. The power is work per second. To develop a certain pace, a rider must supply a power, a labor.

Stryd FootpodThe wattage meters and its use has since been slowly trickled down to the serious amateur cyclists who use the wattage was increasingly to train ones and circles with cycling. our partner Watt Cycling Amstel believes here for years and have their entire training concept on the Wattbike designed.

is now possible with the advent of the Stryd to hardloopgedeelte the triathlon wattage accomplish. Unlike a bike wattage meter Stryd you must know something good. This is fast but the first few days are not accurate. As you've walked more short and long distances in race pace, it becomes more accurate. So you have to take time to training or competition blindly execute on data that Stryd Footpod shows in the beginning.


The Stryd with Wind Sensor Detection is a functional electronics accessory. It is a sensor for runners in order to measure the influence of the wind. The sensor gives you insight how much extra power and strength is needed to overcome air resistance. Also measures how much energy is saved if you walk with the wind or when walking against the wind in a group. Through this understanding you as a runner wind transformed into a measurable and performance-enhancing effect.

The Stryd Sensor with Wind Detection not only measures the wind and its forces, but also measures the temperature and humidity environmental sensors with renewed. Also measures include ground contact time, the cadence, your speed and the distance walked by GPS. All these data contribute to increasing your workout efficiency, making your workout intensity focused can adjust.

What's in the box Stryd Footpod:

  • The Stryd Foodpod course
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 2 different clips for fixing to the laces of your sports shoe

Needed: Stryd App. Download here app for IOS and here app for Android

Tip: Charge the first Stryd completely on at first use. Depending on your usage, you do the Stryd but to charge for 2-3 weeks. The app Stryd you can see how full is your foodpod.

Stryd Power Zones

The Stryd good link with various brands sports watches. So Coros and Garmin Stryd has embraced all. The Wahoo Rival recognizes Stryd, but will be in future updates will improve compatibility between Wahoo and Styd.

The link to a Polar watch is not quite optimal because Polar has its own Polar Running Power. You can work around this by your Stryd directly read from the Stryd App.

Stryd itself has extremely good video tutorials for creating training programs. These can be found on their Youtube Channel

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