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Sneller wisselen van zwemmen naar fietsen. Hoe doe ik dat?

Faster switching from swimming to cycling. How do I do that?

Practice changing

By switching from swimming to exercise bikes, you are not only physically but also mentally prepared. Prepare for how and where you drop your stuff and in what order you are going to exchange the items. Consider also advance how the distance in the transition area, may be used as efficiently as possible by pulling some stuff while walking in and out.

Check in advance the transition area

The transition area can vary by race. You are good at that depth is wise. Thus the transition area can be used for swimming and cycling at a place other than the substitution area for biking and running. It is of course useful if your things are in the right location. It is also wise to know where you are in the transition area, and should the exchange zone.

The bike already finished making

It is convenient to put your bike all ready to leave so that you do not have to do during the game. You can put your helmet already been loose on the seat with the straps and possibly prick your goggles through the helmet. The easiest is to your helmet on the first turn and then do the rest. It is also useful to your race number to your start number band already make to the bike. You can also open your shoes in the pedals clicks and secure with rubber bands, but you have to have well-trained. However, to do this well with special triathlon bike shoes. Finally, you can click the bottle already in advance in the container.

Wetsuit forth, beneath trisuit

The moment has come when you come out of the water. It is best to equal start "peeling" of your wetsuit. Your wetsuit is because he is still wet from the easiest. The riff to the transition area to you why already the first half of your wetsuit pull you sit trisuit below. Whatever help is what bodyglide or trislide to do at the end of the arms and the legs. Do not use Vaseline, this affects the neoprene adhesive connections. If you still have time left in your gait, you can advance your goggles and your hat off to. Easiest way is to keep it in hand and let sit stretching your wetsuit in the sleeve.

Under your wetsuit You also a trisuit to wear. This is designed so that it dries quickly and feels comfortable on the bike and during the run. In addition, the suit is breathable and keeps your body at the right temperature during the match. So you do in T1 or T2 so no change clothes and you can win a lot of time.

Do not distract you, but keep enjoying

In the transition area is looking very tempting to what the competitors are all with him. Do not do this and go to your own routine. Beforehand you select the accessories and supplies you think you need. This can be different for everyone and that's not bad. Do not get too distracted by the audience, which ultimately is going to cost you time.

Finally keep enjoying the sport. Before you know it the triathlon over and allow you to enjoy more from your friends and family that you have come to cheer.

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