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Maurten sportvoeding reviews en ervaringen

Maurten sports reviews and experiences

The last few years you hear a lot about Maurten brand in the sports nutrition world. Many athletes have Maurten already used in various competitions and have even walked records. Like Eliud Kipchoge, The world record holder in the marathon, and Jan FRODENO.

What Maurten sports?

Maurten is a Swedish brand that has been scientifically designed to increase the tolerance for higher levels of carbohydrates by them to be encapsulated in hydrogels. A hydrogel is a biopolymer, and water-based structure with small pores. This rather go to the gut so quickly and carbohydrates can be incorporated without difficulty. In Maurten they also found a way of working only with natural ingredients. In addition, Maurten has the structure filled with the most efficient form of energy, carbohydrates.

Besides gels, they have also developed a sports drink. Also in the sports drink is the hydrogel. Because of the encapsulation are not disrupted stomach and intestines, because the sports drink is absorbed as water. So you can record during long efforts and games directly available energy. The Maurten of technology would you twice as much carbohydrate can record than usual because it directly to the intestines is headed.

Difference between the drink mix Maurten 160 vs 320 Maurten drink mix

In the basic two products are the same in which the same hydro technology has been used. The main difference between the Maurten160 and the Maurten320 is the amount of carbohydrate that is incorporated into a bottle of 500ml.

In the Maurten160 drink mix is ​​40 grams carbohydrates and in a Maurten320 drink mix contains 80 grams of carbohydrates in processed.

Experiences and reviews of endurance athletes and top athletes

The experience of many athletes notice that many athletes have no appetite or the feeling of an empty stomach. During different competitions also feel that there is enough energy remaining to the end of the match. So the decline in the match remained in much more limited than other athletes. By varying the amount of sodium (salt) not suffer from calf cramps, there is also encountered in Maurten sports nutrition. Use many athletes Maurten and there are positive about. So Maurten was a partner for SUB2HRS project, an international initiative to run a marathon under two hours someone within five years.

Reviews of clients in the sports nutrition Maurten (found at the Maurten products on our website)

"Tastes neutral - in terms of supporting the resulting 320g stronger and better - the 160 previously available as a sports drink"

"Tested and approved - no 'sugar dip' - tastes neutral."

"Best gel to walking and cycling"
"For the first time tried the new gel and was immediately excited, what a thick gel-like substance, slightly sweet taste and is not heavy on the stomach, rapidly absorbed so immediate results."

Besides the many positive responses, there are few negative comments about Maurten sports available. The only negative point that can be found, is the price you paid for the products Maurten. This is in fact what the high side. Nevertheless, there are many endurance athletes who sure have. Stomach and intestinal problems you want most natural occurrence and absorb enough energy during exercise is essential for every athlete.

Maurten and Half / Full Marathon

We offer two packages for the half marathon and full marathon. This can here Find out.

Mauren is currently working to make a sports supply schedules for the half triathlon and the whole triathlon. As soon as they are known, we will publish this.


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