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Joep Staps: Trainen in Zuid-Afrika

Joep Staps: Training in South Africa

In preparation of the new triathlon season the various ASW athletes at training camp. For cold conditions and wet roads to avoid in the Netherlands sought to places where it is good to stay for the athlete. Joep Staps, tri- and duathleet, chose his training camp in late January the hot South Africa. With 30 athletes were there for 2 weeks followed a strict training schedule. Especially for Athlete Sportsworld Joep briefly put his experiences in a row.
With thirty athletes we stand in the morning at 7 am on a deserted dirt road somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The last bottles are on the guidance given, and somewhat excited everyone asks bystanders what he / she wants to run. " It looks like a game, but without tension and competition. And without warm clothes just in shorts and t-shirt. I know that I'll turn out the foreseeable future.
The groups are athletes during the first kilometers. The fast men (runners, all under 30 minutes at the 10km) set the pace, then I sit a group of men and women. After about 20 minutes since the first drink station: the support vehicle is driven forward and tidy put the bottles in a row, so you can easily pack while walking. I also issued two bottles. Two gray-green Athlete Sport World bottles. One with water, the other
with an effervescent electrolyte so that I can complete while walking the lost minerals. I see they are, and then I heard someone shout, "Look right there! Giraffes! ". Hell yeah, I'm in South Africa. And walk here with a like-minded group, in the sun, past giraffes. What a life ... This really enjoy, and I'm well aware! 
It's fifty-fifty, I think divided between men and women, and I have no illusions that I someone easy outcome. A considerable part of the group has five rings somewhere on their body tattooed, with or without the location and date. Participation in the games. So it's no shame that I have to do to keep up after an hour endurance run my best. I am of course triathlete, and am only halfway. While runners almost ready .... It appears to have advantages. Are you finished with your workout, then you step into one of the following cars. Until everyone has his / her training completed. I'm 'the last man standing ", and go among the many encouraging unnoticed harder run. What is a training camp still fantastic!
Joep Staps South Africayou next time go, away from all the daily activities and the Dutch cold? Have fun and success. Remember what clothes (and shoes) to carry in your hand luggage when flying. If your suitcase is not equal arrive with you, you can work out at least tasty.
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