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Het aanschaffen van een trisuit. Wat is nu voor mij het beste trisuit?

Purchasing a trisuit. What is the best trisuit for me?

It can sometimes be confusing for the choice you have to choose now. For what is the difference between a wetsuit and a trisuit? And what model of trisuit suits your preferences?

The difference between a wetsuit and a trisuit

A trisuit is a technical outfit specially designed for triathletes which one would keep the same outfit in all three disciplines. A wetsuit because you do after swimming in exchange for your cycling outfit. In trisuit you namely swimming, cycling and running. Trisuits be made from a substance which is to be compared with the material of a wetsuit but it is lighter and more elastic. So you can move freely in all three disciplines. The trisuit is breathable and keeps your body temperature during the match.

A trisuit with sleeves

The trisuit with sleeves not even exist so long, but no longer to imagine the triathlon world. A major advantage of a trisuit with sleeves, is that it is aero-dynamic without sleeves. The faster you go, the more the aerodynamics plays a role. A test has shown that the more skin you covered with material faster, the faster you go. Another advantage is that you are better protected from the sun. A trisuit namely, in most cases, UV-protection. The AERO ROKA WOMEN ELITE II SS TRI SUIT with short sleeves is a good example of a trisuit with sleeves.

The disadvantage of a trisuit with sleeves that can go swimming less comfortable. This is because there is dust around the shoulders. One tip is trisuit draw under the wetsuit on out to the top and to do around the waist.

A trisuit allowed long sleeve with matches from the Olympic Distance and longer (Half Full Triathlon and Triathlon. For shorter distances, it may be that you can only start with sleeveless trisuits. So look carefully own rules which are applicable.

A 2-piece trisuit

Sometimes a trisuit consist of a top and a bottom. This is useful if you need to combine different sizes or colors. Also, a two-piece suit a lot easier to make if you have a toilet stop. Therefore, this suit is more favorite in the long distance. Often feels a two-part Trisuit somewhat freer than a one-piece Trisuit. This is because it comprises and separate top and bottom, giving you more freedom of movement. The only drawback of a two-piece suit is that it is less aerodynamic by the folds which may arise.

A one-piece trisuit

A one-piece trisuit often sleeveless. Because a one-piece trisuit consists of a whole, it is aerodynamically very strong. The suit stays and pants can not slide or roll up the shirt. A one-piece trisuit is actually used most and seen during a match. Especially in the short distance he is favorite. It is wise to have a one-piece trisuit good fit. Because it is closely, he's tighter than a two-piece trisuit

Men trisuit and ladies trisuit

When purchasing a trisuit it's also wise to really take a trisuit that suits sex. So the ladies trisuits tailored to the body of the ladies, and the pad is adapted to trisuit the ladies.

Buy a trisuit eg brand Castelli then before you take into account that you are always one size must choose greater than usual.


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