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Fietskoffer huren? Waar moet ik aan denken...

Rent a bicycle suitcase? Where should I think about ...

The choice between a soft case or a hardcase bicycle suitcase

A softcase bike case is usually made of textile and feels like a kind of bag. A good softcase cycle case is light and made from a thick and sturdy material. The EVOC Cycling case is a good example of this. The advantage of a softcase cycle case is that the suitcase is smaller to fold and weigh a piece lighter than a normal suitcase. This is useful, for example, if it must be able to fit into the car's trunk. The disadvantage is that the softcase cycle case offers slightly less protection against possible damage to the bicycle, but few cases are known for damage.

With a hardcase bicycle suitcase, the entire exterior is paved. As a result, the bicycle suitcase is a lot heavier, but it also offers more protection to the bicycle. A good hardcase bicycle suitcase is, for example, the Curv Bike Guard and the Elite Vaison. The curv bike guard is the lightest suitcase on the market and suitable for both racing bike, triathlon bike and 29 "mountain bike. The disadvantage is that the hardcase cycle case takes more place to use. The suitcase cannot be folded. This can be a disadvantage if the bicycle suitcase must fit in the car or on your hotel room. With the hardcase bicycle suitcase, the bicycle frame is often mounted in the suitcase and covered with foam to prevent any tribulation.

The racing bike probably needs a bit apart

Often, to be able to transport your bike with a bicycle suitcase, you must disassemble a piece of bike. These are often the wheels, the steering wheel and the pedals. The purpose of this is to be able to transport the bicycle easier without damaging. It is therefore so wise to take tools on a journey. This way the bicycle can be assembled. Usually the cyclist has a separate box to store your tool in it.

As a tool you have to think of an IMBUS key and a pedal key (often size 15).

Traveling by plane

Are you traveling by plane? Then it is wise to watch the condition of the relevant aircraft company. For each society, it can sometimes differ how much the bicycle suitcase may weigh and how much that is going to cost. The tires must also be empty. This is to prevent the tires broke in the airspace by the large air pressure that arises. Finally, it is wise to check whether CO2 patterns and pumps are allowed to enter the plane.

What else do you have to think about?

Most bicycle cases are equipped with handy carriers and wheels on the bottom of the bicycle suitcase. In this way traveling with a bicycle suitcase is more pleasant and less intensive. Before you make the choice on a specific bicycle suitcase, this is important to check. It can sometimes happen that a bicycle suitcase does not have this or not both.

The suitcases that are rented by ASW all have handles and wheels.

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