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De verschillende prijsklassen van wetsuits

The different price ranges of Wetsuits

The new season is coming. Are you starting a triathlon this year? Or do you like to swim in open water?

Then there is a good chance that you will think about the purchase of a wetsuit. A wetsuit offers you essential protection against cold water. Moreover, a wetsuit ensures that you continue to float better. So you swim warmer and faster!

If you come to purchase a wetsuit at ASW, we always ask for your height and weight. This way we determine the right size of the right brand. Because a wetsuit must fit well.

We also ask you about your budget. That is important when purchasing your new wetsuit. In the first place you determine how much you want to spend on a wetsuit.

In second place we give you advice. Do you have a certain goal in mind, such as starting a triathlon? Then we may advise you a price range higher, because you can swim a competition easier and faster. And vice versa we also advise you, because even if your budget is large, it may still be that with a slightly less expensive wetsuit you will look better.

The different price ranges are described below. This way you can easily determine which price range suits you best. To ask? Let us know via chat, telephone or e-mail. Or just drop by the store!

The entry class € 180- € 250

This price range offers you a good quality Wetsuit, because we only sell renowned brands at ASW. This price range is good if you regularly swim in open water and are especially looking for warmth and buoyancy, but the speed plays a less large role and you find your budget more important than that speed.

The wetsuits in this price range are characterized by good and also sturdy neoprene. Just keep in mind that that sturdy neoprene ensures that the suit is a bit stiffer than wetsuits from the higher price ranges, because in particular the quality of the neoprene determines the price. Anyway, you do buy a good wetsuit.

Examples entry class:

The middle class € 300- € 550

Do you start a triathlon (more often)? Or do you swim more often and/or longer distances in open water? Then it pays to purchase a wetsuit from one price range higher.

The wetsuits from the middle class are made of more flexible neoprene and have a better fit by using different surfaces in the suit. You can therefore swim more easily and your wetsuit connects more closely on your body. This promotes performance and comfort.

If you let us know that you are starting triathlons, we almost always recommend this price range. This has to do with the fact that a wetsuit of € 100 more (compared to the entry class) fits better with the ambition of a triathlete.

You can also subdivide the middle class. For € 300 you already have a wetsuit of beautiful neoprene with flexible shoulders.

From € 400, the wetsuit is a bit better neoprene and you also have more surfaces in the suit, so that it fits even better and swims more smoothly. As a result, a wetsuit of around € 400 is the best ratio between price and properties.

From € 500 you get a wetsuit that is not inferior to a top class wetsuit, but is still suitable for "normal" use.

Examples of middle class:

The top class € 600+

It is of course always faster! Are you training for that great time during a triathlon or swimming competition? Then you choose a wetsuit from the top class.

The smoothest neoprene is due to the ideal fit like a second skin. In this price range you don't even notice that you are wearing a wetsuit. At least, you will notice your speed. Because with a wetsuit from this class you swim for up to 10-15 seconds faster per 100 meters than without wetsuit. Calculate your profit!

However, there are also a few disadvantages to the wetsuits from this class. Of course first of all the price, but that makes sense. In addition, these wetsuits are made from the most beautiful and thinnest neoprene. That makes them sensitive (er) for damage, so that you always have to handle it carefully. And they offer just a little less buoyancy than a thicker wetsuit. This makes these wetsuits especially suitable for good and fast swimmers, who benefit more from maximum freedom of movement instead of maximum buoyancy.

Top class examples:

Determine your choice

How do you choose the best Wetsuit? The right size in particular is important. Based on your height, weight and physique, we literally give you suitable advice at ASW. Then use and budget plays a role. And if your budget allows it, then it is sometimes wise to spend just a little more.

Eventually you decide! Get our advice online by us or visit the store. We always help you fit and guarantee that you are going home with your ideal wetsuit.

Special wetsuits

In addition to the "normal" wetsuits, we also have special wetsuits at ASW. Below a short list when you choose these wetsuits.

  • Breaststroke: Do you only swim breaststroke? Then you choose a special wetsuit that was made for this. The buoyancy and freedom of movement, especially in the legs, have been adjusted.
  • Thermal Wetsuits: Do you also want to swim outside at (very) low water temperatures? Then you choose a special thermal wetsuit.
  • Sleeveless wetsuits: Especially suitable for experienced swimmers and/or if you have a preference to keep your shoulder free.
  • Shorty Wetsuits: Short arms and legs. Keep your upper body warm and still offer a lot of freedom of movement.
  • Swim-Run Suits: Special suit for competitions with swimming and running (not suitable for cycling). Is also purchased as a thin wetsuit for the summer.
  • Swimskins: This is a thin top layer for over your trisuit, so really specific to triathlons. You can wear a swimskin if it is too hot for a wetsuit and that it is not allowed to bear according to the rules of the competition organization. Is smoother and tighter than a trisuit and therefore offers extra speed.
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